Thursday, June 19, 2008


omg! i've been soo busy lately! Poata and I had visitors in our house, my step dad donnie had 12 of his relatives fly in and asked if they could stay with us for a couple days so we had them and my mom and little sister and as chaotic as it might sound it was actually really fun! we got shave ice, went to the beach, ate at haleiwa joes, bbqed, but we were mostly at the beach. conveniently i was off of work the entire time they were here. Then it was Poata's birthday last Wednesday. It was soo much fun! I got him a wellington Hurricanes Rugby jersey because thats his fav team, and his other favorite rugby team is the south african springboks so i got him the training ball and i also got him the jl audio 1000 watt amplifier that he's been asking for for the past year lol. He had all of his friends come over and they bbqed and i got him a huge cake from signature sweets (the same place we got our wedding cake from) and it was sooooo delicious! We had left overs for a week! I had cake for breakfast like everyday! I could seriously eat cake every day of my life! for ever meal! Then one of my best friends Priscilla got married last saturday!! We had her bridal shower at my house on thursday and it was a blast! my team made a pretty amazing dress out of toilet paper! and her sister made a ridiculous amount of food! her wedding was so cute and her dress was seriously amazing! it was soo pretty and she looked like a princess! She also got her cake from signature sweets, the bottom layer was chocolate vanilla swirl and the middle was red velvet, they gave everyone a slice of each... my fav was the chocolate vanilla swirl! it was soo good! and just when I ran our of Poata's cake Priscilla donated to the brisha's breakfast fund and gave us a bunch of her wedding cake! yum! I've been living off of cake for like 2 weeks now! =) Heaven! anyways the funs over and I'm back to work, because I'm such an amazing waitress management has chose me to train our up and coming servers and it sucks!! i hate training! it's nice that they do all the work for you but its sucks because they arent as good as me so i'm not getting as good of tips and then I have to give them a bunch of money at the end for getting me crappy tips! =( but the girls I'm training are some of the nicest, cutest girls ever but i'm just over training them! i think tomorrows my last day thank goodness!! anyways I think your up to date on our day to day lives.