Saturday, January 23, 2010


our little family at the waikiki aquarium
monk seal

The Waikiki Aquarium

look at that fish!!
with dad
with mom
at cheesecake factory on our adventure day
loving the grass

alligator beach on one of our many walks there in the morning

this silly kid is always sucking on his toes!!! so weird! 1
at church with dad

Nona Vee "novee" on her 1st birthday making a mess
getting ready for novee's party

at church

christmas morning
rama and ky on christmas eve

christmas eve... i dont know what is in the way! =(
aloha santa!

the candygram I made for my parents for christmas, i got the idea from Cierra's amazing mother.
Christmas morning
the Honolulu City Lights

surfing snowman!

It has been such a long time since I have blogged! I guess I will start where I left off... We went to see the Hono.,ln lulu City Lights and they were mesmerizing! We all had so much fun! Luka loved all of the different colored lights and screamed with joy at his favorites. Poata's mom came along, she was visiting us from Dec. 9th though January 15th, she loved the exhibit as well. Christmas Eve we went out to dinner then to my cousin Rama's house, she needed to make sure that I ate tamales on Christmas Eve because we are both away from our family and that is definitely one of our traditions so I'm really happy she kept the tradition going for us. Christmas day we woke up bright and early and opened up all of our presents, well all of Luka's presents! He helped us tear the paper and was very happy eating all of the different wrapping papers! We ate good breakfast then I got to baking and when I finished we went to a friends house for a giant feast they had prepared. The day after Christmas we went to see Avatar in 3d and it was AWESOME!! Luka had a blast!! He watched the entire 3 hour movie! Poata's mom also really liked it, well who didn't like that movie! For New Year's we went up Pupukea to a friends house who also has a baby and they cooked us a delicious dinner and from their house we could see all of the fireworks from Haleiwa, Waialua and pretty much the whole North Shore, super cool! We had a lot of fun there, Luka and Stephan (their 1 year old) were fast asleep the whole night but they both woke up in time to see some fireworks and get really scared before going back to sleep. New Year's day we went to Penifea's 1st birthday party! Luka had a lot of little babies to meet and play with. He was also heavier than the birthday boy! Penifea is 21 and Luka is 23 pounds! We went to another 1st birthday party the following week, Nona Vee's! Jen did an amazing job baking the cutest lady bug cakes for the party! She is an awesome baker! Yesterday, Jan. 22 we had an "Adventure Day" Poata and I have them every so often to explore things we haven't done before and now that we have Luka in the picture we have more of a reason to do fun adventures. We took Luka to the Waikiki Aquarium and he LOVED it! He was so fascinated by the different colorful fishes swimming right up to his face. We also ate at the Cheesecake Factory and it was amazing as usual! Luka is 5 months now and is doing so great! He is about 23 pounds, he has tried a variety of different foods now including bananas, green beans, squash, prunes, rice cereal, poi, and apple juice. He can roll over in both directions and is constantly rolling all over the place. He sits up unsupported and has been doing that since the begining of November at 3 1/2 months but now he can get up to the sit up position on his own too! He can also stand up on his own when he holds onto something! He just started that a couple of days ago. He is trying really hard to crawl but doesn't get very far yet before he falls over onto his face. He loves taking baths and would stay in his tub all day if I let him. He loves to play outside on the grass and in the sand. We still love to take our walks to alligators and he gets his feet wet now. We are so happy to have Luka in our lives and he makes everything more fun!