Thursday, May 29, 2008


So I haven't put a new post up for a while...sorry... but lately Ive been busy, I'll start with last saturday, I took the day off of work so that Poata and I could have an adventure day. We went to Waimanalo beach because we have never been there before, it was nice and fun but not as nice as waimea! The water was a bit dirty and it was really crowded and there was some hard core shore break but overall it was fun for something new. Then we went to Poata's rugby game in Waikiki which was pretty heavy, Poata got tackled and hurt his knee then when he was on the ground got kicked in his head and got the biggest lump I have ever seen! but they won their game =) Then we went to Kailua because believe it or not I have never been there either! And I seriously love it! I want to move their sooo bad! Its such a cute town! We ate dinner at formaggios and that place is awesome! not to mention the waitress was a friend of mine, julia, and she totally hooked it up and gave us a free appetizer and a free desert and they were both amazing! the appetizer was bruschetta but it was three different kinds; tomato basil, truffel and shitake mushroom and three colored bell peppers with goat cheese. so good! and the dessert was a cheesecake with macadamia nut crust and fresh fruit over it with a strawberry and white chocolate sauce! anyways of coarse on our adventure day i forgot the camera!!! I was seriously devastated! Then sunday we went to church and it was my friend Katie's birthday so I baked her almond shortbread cookies with a lavender icing. I found the recipe on somebody's blog and thank you! they are so amazing! , and monday i forgot and tuesday i worked and wednesday I went to the beach with a cousin of mine who is visiting, we went to waimea and it was beautiful and super flat and right as we were leaving the lifeguard came on the megaphone and told some people to back off from the dolphins and my cousin and i were like what the heck what dolphins??? so we turned around and there was a school of dolphins! probably 20 or more doing flips and jumping and swimming it was soo cool!! Then we had the missionaries over for dinner, I made asparagus and broccoli pasta with garlic bread and for desert I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies they were soo good! Then this morning I went with Priscilla to the bridal store to get a dress for her wedding in 2 and 1/2 weeks and she found the most beautiful dress ever! its a justin alexander and its such a fairytale princess dress! its so pretty and she looked so gorgeous and it fit her perfectly! and now I'm home... Oh I forgot to say last wednesday my friend annie had a clothes swap party that was pretty sweet... I got a really cute new roxy bathing suit and a pair of capris so that was worth it =) and heres some pictures of my latest baked goods starting with raspberry and cream shortcakes then the almond shortbread cookies with lavender icing and then a pic of the new missionaries in our ward that came to eat at our house on wed.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Beach Day!

We went to sunset beach and it was so fun! It was a million degrees and the only thing we could think of was jumping in the water, it was super beautiful, pretty flat and really sunny so we went for it. And here are the results...
After the beach we stopped at foodland and got ben and jerry's creme brulee ice cream...omg! sooo good!!!
And the sunset was amazing! I had to pull over at waimea because it was crazy, these pictures don't do it justice... It was way pinker and it looked like a flaming fushia ball of fire! so nice!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saturday/ Sunday

So yesterday was fun, Poata and I went to eat at asagios, our fav, and it was soo good! Poata got the special which wa moon fish and shrimp with a lobster sauce and he loved it and i got my usual rigatoni ala ricotta. then we saw the new narnia movie! It was good but a little childish but good! and then of coarse we did the wal mart run... We were supposed to go to waimanalo beach because we have been wanting to go there for a while now but it was pretty busy at work so i didnt get off as early as i wanted to but next week I already got my shift covered! Poata has another rugby game next week but we might just blow it off and go to waimanalo beach all day =) I cant wait! Not that I dont love the north shore but in the 19 years that Ive lived in Hawaii I have NEVER been to waimanalo beach and its sooo beautiful so I cant wait another year =) but anyways its sunday now and i'm positive that its at least 1050 degrees! seriously it is hotter than i can ever remember! I'm about to die! We just got home from church and our house feels like a sauna! I wanted to lay out in my yard but I think I would seriously just pass out and die on my towel so I'm staying inside with the fan full blast on my face until it cools off! but heres some pics from yesterday, the scenic is to show how bad the VOG was! I could barely see the mountains!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So at work today I waited on a party of 40 military war veterans... super gnarly!! They were really young, they looked a little older than me and most of them were missing at least one leg and had burns on their faces and they seemed to be stoked to be at our restaurant but you could tell they were depressed, it was sad! But their meals were all free and before they came to our restaurant they all got free surf lessons from brian syruat's surf school so that was cool. Well after that Poata and I went across the street from our house to the beach with some friends who were fishing and I saved some fishes and then we watched the sunset it was fun... Then I made the best tofu ever! And now I'm on here updating but I'm going to bed now so goodnight. Oh and heres a pic of Poata in front of tonights sunset.

Monday, May 12, 2008


I told u it would be sunny today =) but one of my co-workers has bronchitis so it looks like its not my day off anymore =( but I don't have to start until 5 so I still have all day. Omg! the flowers in my yard are blooming like crazy! Here are some of the pretty pics...

Mothers Day

Hi Again! so it's mothers day! happy mothers day to all of the mothers... I had to work =) and seriously when I got to work there was a line from the front door, around the restaurant and all the way to the employee entrance! it was scary!! but before that I made the best pizza ever for Poata and I! goat cheese, asparagus, zuccini, tomatos, orange bell pepper, mozzarella and artichoke hearts. Try it at home. check it out...
And after work we ate at Bonzai Sushi! so good!! but hopefully i'll be a mother pretty soon and there will be one more holiday in my favor! i heart presents =) Tomorrow is my day off! exciting =) especially after a crazy day like today! so i'll post some pics tomorrow of my fun day in the sun =) see u tomorrow

Monday, May 5, 2008

Heres a little re-cap for all of you

Alright, so we have been married one year and twenty one days now and we finally have a blog! so now i need to give you a little re-cap of what we have been doing... i'll just inform you on the recent events, for valentines day we ate at leilei's, it was so delish like usual! For both of our birthdays we ordered cakes from signature sweets (the same place we got our wedding cake from) They were amazing!!! and for our anniversary we got a replica made of the top layer of our wedding cake, since someone ate ours =( Our anniversary was really fun! I woke up to a huge boquet of roses next to my bed then we exchanged cards and all that good stuff. We both had the day off of work and we went to waikiki and ate at Sansei, a sushi restaurant in the waikiki beach marriott hotel. On our honeymoon in Kapalua Maui we ate there almost every night we were there because it was right next to our hotel, therefore we thought it only necessary that we would eat there for our one year anniversary and conveniently enough they have a location in waikiki! It was so good!! Poata Likes sushi A LOT! I do too but theres a limit to what I can order since I'm a vegetarian, Poata is a vegetarian too but he eats seafood.
This past saturday I took the day off of work and Poata and I had a really fun day in waikiki! First we took a walk down the strip doing a little shopping and a lot of window shopping! we went to the beach and then we had lunch at the cheesecake factory! we seriously love that place! Then we walked to the park at the end of waikiki, right by the aquarium, Poata had a rugby game there and it was so much fun! It was tackle rugby and Poata was playing for a Tongan team from the North Shore called the Hurricanes... Their team won the game 19 to 5! =) After the game we went shopping at Kahala mall but that mall sucked so we went to pearlridge and a tragedy happened!! Forever 21 is under renovation till august!! anyways after the malls we went to a bbq up at helemano and they had like 500 desserts to choose from so that was fun but by that time we were exhausted so we headed home. This week our friends Kerri and Brad our staying with us and its been a blast having them around especially because their daughter Kaci is sooo freaking adorable! Today she was devouring some strawberries and this was the outcome...
After that we went kayaking! It was soo fun! Poata and I usually don't have many full days off of work together so we had to make use of it. We went to Haleiwa and kayaked our hearts off, at first its super fun and after a while it feels like your arms are gonna fall off but we had a good time. I think that brings you up to date so i'm gonna stop here and hopefully be back soon with some more fun news.

Our First Blog!

We finally have a blog! now we can updat all of you on our exciting life =)