Saturday, July 30, 2011

I love my family

All Grown Up

For Luka's bday weekend we took him to the water park for day 1

and the ice age train and toys r us for day 2

and i made a homemade ice cream cake for my luka and had family come over to celebrate.
My darling Luka baby is TWO!!! Crazy how time flies! I have had so much fun these past two years, Luka has brought joy to Poata and I in so many ways! We wake up everyday to his cuteness and can't imagine life without him! These past two years have been such a journey for us. We have learned so much from Luka. Luka is such a smart baby and we are surprised and impressed by him daily. He talks up a storm and copies all of our words. He knows all of his animals, their sounds, his colors, shapes and some letters. He loves to build with legos and blocks and can make huge towers! He loves disney's Cars to no end! He also loves trains and construction machines! He loves to "fix" things with his tool set, just like daddy. He pretty much loves anything daddy loves. He is such a cuddle bug and sweetheart towards mommy, but is the opposite for daddy, he likes to "fight" daddy and play crazy monster games with him. Luka is the light of our life, I really can't believe I've already shared 2 years with him! The most amazing 2 years! And now another journey begins. I'm due with number 2 in 2 weeks! I hope Luka will be the best big brother ever!