Monday, October 24, 2011

blessings and pumpkins

October has come and almost gone, it is so crazy how fast time flies! Lennon is 2 months old now, and Luka is 2 and 2 months. At Lennon's 2 month check up last week he was 16 1/2 pounds, putting him at the 110th percentile for weight! fatty! He was at the 97th percentile for height at 25 inches. When I look into Lennon's steel blue eyes I really feel like he is going to bee such an intelligent child like his older brother. I feel like he is attentive and absorptive. He always wants to be a part of the action and does not like being put down! He is a sweet and cuddly little guy. I love the way he hooks his arm around mine while I carry him. He is very smiley and makes the most adorable sounds when you play with him. Now for Luka. Luka is such a smart little one I think. He is learning so quickly and is so eager to learn new things daily. He loves doing art and we have been doing a lot lately, from painting to sculpting. Luka I feel, excels at everything he tries from art to language. He practices everything continuously to try to get it right. He observes everyone and everything and picks things up really quickly. He has been saying really great prayers lately and he has actually really helped strengthen my testimony! He is such a blessing in our life and I feel like he is so in tune with peoples feelings and is very sensitive. He is so loving and empathetic. He is completely potty trained now and is so proud of himself, and of course I am proud too! He calls himself "pee pee boy" which is hilarious. His brother is "poo poo boy". Luka loves the old superman movies and has recently become a super hero which involves never taking a cape off! I feel so blessed to have these 2 wonderful boys in my life! Every night when the boys go to bed Poata and I always stay up talking about how much we love them! Usually the first thing Poata says to me after I put them to sleep is "I love Luka so much" then it moves on to Lennon. I am so thankful to Poata for being such a loving father, and also being a good example to them as well as me. He gave Lennon such a beautiful blessing at church a couple of weeks ago, and I am really thankful for that. Lennon was so peaceful through out his blessing, unlike his older brother who screamed bloody murder the entire time during his a couple of years ago. Anyways here are a few pictures of our trip to the pumpkin patch as well as Lennon on the day he was blessed.