Wednesday, November 2, 2011

day one...

November 1st, today we are thankful for our boys, Luka Nuufou and Lennon Falefasa. They bring us more joy than imaginable.


We had a perfect Halloween, and October for that matter. We had so much fun carving our pumpkins and we were all stoked with the finished products =) Luka is a tad bit, wait, more like ridiculously obsessed with superman right now, so Poata helped him carve a superman pumpkin. The boys were owls for Halloween so I did an owl pumpkin and the Lennon's tiny pumpkin had a circus elephant on it because I feel like elephants are kind of his theme, Luka's is a lion. Anyways for Halloween we went to Sunset point like usual and had a lot of fun trick or treating and checking out other costumes! Luka all day was saying "trick or treat" well it sounded a little more like chuckee cheese but still, then of course when we started actually trick or treating he wouldn't say it. He did get the hang of it a little later and started saying "happy Halloween" to everyone instead. He was on a total mission to get candy, he was so fast and easily spotted the houses giving candy and charged for them! He walked the entire time and had a lot of fun. He loved his costume and would flap his wings for the candy givers. Lennon was also a very good little owl, although he wasn't as nocturnal as an owl should be. We got tons of candy and had a lot of fun! We ended the night with a delicious dinner at my parents house.