Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jack Johnson!

Tonight there was a fundraiser concert at Waimea Valley to benefit my old elementary school, sunset beach elementary school. It was an art auction as well as concert, the advertised artists playing were John Cruz and Paula Fuga, who are both amazing on their own and also both happen to be very very good friends of Jack Johnson. Knowing this we knew that Jack would also play at the fundraiser, especially because he also graduated from sunset elementary and we weren't wrong fortunately! He went on stage with John Cruz and just so happened to play our song, "better together". He also played banana pancakes and a few others. It was amazing! The cutest part was when Jack was done playing he said he had to go because his baby was at home with a babysitter =). Also did I mention that I was touching the stage and less than five feet away from him! And the most surprising thing was that Luka fell asleep while he was signing! It was crazy because Luka never falls asleep anywhere but home or the car and especially not at a concert! But we had such a great night! I almost didn't want to go because I wasn't sure jack was playing and I didn't want to bring Luka with us because I wasn't sure there would be any other kids even though it was an all age event but there were TONS of other little kids there and a bunch Luka's age and he had soooo much fun dancing and singing! I am so glad we went! We all had a great time! Jack was great and Paula was too! She had a song that I had never heard before but is totally my new favorite song, I think it's called parachute and what do you know, Jack Johnson just so happened to have co-wrote it with her! He's amazing =) Oh wait, did I mention me and Jack go way back? He was actually my neighbor growing up and kind of babysat my brother and his dad built my grandparents house that I grew up in so he totally knows my name. =) I took a bunch of videos but they were taking forever to upload so I give up.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guess What?!

baby number 2 is baking in the oven and they can already tell that it's a boy! ("pretty certain")