Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Luka Is 2 Months Old!

So Luka is now 2 months old! Crazy that its been that long! We went to the doctors on Monday for his 2 month check up and he is now 14 pounds and 8 ounces and 26 inches long! He is perfectly healthy and happy and he is at the top of the growth scale and the doctor predicted that Luka will be 6 foot 2 or so!! Every morning Luka and I go on a walk to Waimea Bay and he is fascinated by everything! He can see clearly now so its fun to explore with him. We have been taking him out a little more now but he is still hard to take places because he is such a little heifer and is always hungry! Here are some new pictures of our little 2 monther... As you can tell he loves when his daddy comes home from work! When Poata gets home he sits Luka on his stomach and sings and talks to him and Luka tries to talk back, it's the cutest thing Ever!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Baby!

Overdosed on milk.
On our way home from haleiwa joes.

All in plaid at haleiwa joes.
3rd time at the beach with my family.
Uncle Jai with baby Luka.

Daddy and baby belly show.
Silliest baby ever.
Luka and his very first friend! Priscilla and Gabe's son Koa'ali'i
Luka is telling Koa a secret.

Don't know what these silly boys are looking at???
2nd day at the beach... Hukilau

1st time at the beach. Alligator rock.

My best friend is this little back pack thing! Luka loves it! He falls right asleep.
Luka is drifting in his uncle Jai's 240

We took Luka to the beach! It was so fun! He seemed to really like it, I think the sound of the ocean soothed him. We didn't take him in the water or even touch the sand but he looked all around, when he was awake but he slept for the most part. The first day we took him to the beach we walked to alligator rock and his second trip to the beach we went to Hukilau and then we went again with my family to alligators, they flew over for grandparents day/ my birthday. After the beach on Saturday we went to eat at Haleiwa Joe's for my second birthday dinner, the first was at Cheesecake Factory of course! Here are some pictures from our beach days and just the past week, Luka is a 7 weeks today so in these pictures he is about 5 to 7 weeks old.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some more pictures of Luka