Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So adjusting to two isn't as hard as I thought it would be. I guess I prepared myself for the worst and luckily I don't have the worst case scenario. Luka is so good with the newbie! If the baby cries he says, "baby, tying (crying), help him" then he tells the baby, "you're otay baby, you're fine" haha he is so funny! He doesn't smother the baby in kisses or anything but you can tell he cares for him. He also likes to share his toys with him! He has a Thomas the Train set and also a miniature wind up set of Thomas trains that he calls the baby trains so naturally he thought the baby should play with them, it was so cute except instead of handing them nicely to Lennon he pretty much just chucked them at his face haha, then he pries his hands open and makes Lennon hold them. He meant well though and told me he was "sharing" it completely melted my heart as you can imagine. Anyways he is a pretty awesome big brother and I can't wait for them to be able to really play together! As for me I recovered pretty much instantly which was obviously great! I only gained 14 pounds during this pregnancy, Lennon was 8.3 lbs and my placenta was huge so I pretty much lost everything instantly too which is also great. With Luka I gained 19 and Luka was 8.10 and my placenta was 10 lbs so similar experience, stoked on that!  I'm really enjoying being a mother of two, I'm excited for the future! I love having them both in my arms at once, such an amazing thing, still can't even believe it! Anyways I have some goals lately that hopefully I can follow through with. My two boys are so good for me that I've been thinking of a bunch of projects and such that hopefully I can do while juggling 2 babies. I want to do some art projects and house projects but also some work on myself, exercise and what not. Well anyways just thought I'd do a little post about what I'm thinking right now. And here's some pictures of my 2 boys!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet Lennon!

Please welcome to the world baby Lennon!! He made his debut on August 9th 2011 at 10:05 am, weighing in at 8 pounds 2 ounces and was 21 inches long. He is such a sweet baby boy! He spends all of his time eating or sleeping. Luka is such a great big brother, he seems to love his baby brother and is very gentle with him, he was a little jealous at first but I think he is adjusting perfectly. I couldn't ask for anything more! The labor and delivery was such an amazing experience. I actually almost didn't make it to the hospital in time! My doctor said had my water broke on the ride there that I would have had Lennon on the way! So with that said here is the story...
Monday night at around 9:30 I started having contractions, the first contractions I felt through out the pregnancy. They were timing about every 8 minutes but I was tired so I went to bed, I pretty much slept through all of them. Around 4:30-5 am I started waking up because of the contractions but tried to stay asleep a little longer. Around 6:30 I woke up completely and the contractions were getting pretty painful but were still 8 minutes apart until I got up and went to the bathroom and they jumped to 6 minutes apart. I still felt like I had a lot of time so I decided to eat breakfast and I called my mom and calmly told her that I was heading to the hospital pretty soon but to take her time (she was coming to my house to take care of Luka and to take him to the hospital with her). After I hung up the phone, around 7:30 or so, my contractions all of a sudden jumped to 2 minutes apart! And lasted well over a minute each! The pain intensified by a million and I told Poata, who hadn't yet brushed his teeth or even begun to get ready, that we had to leave NOW! My costco belgian waffles were in the oven so I quickly inhaled them in between a contraction and grabbed a few snacks to add to my hospital bag that I had luckily packed the day before! I called my mom to make sure she was on her way and thank goodness she hadn't listened to my advice to take her time and she was just pulling into my road. The minute she walked in the door I jumped in our truck with Poata trailing quickly behind me. Now I started to feel like I was in a movie, I was screaming through each contraction and yelling at Poata to drive faster in between them. He was swirving in and out of rush hour traffic and driving like a maniac! I saw a few cops on the way and debated whether or not to pull them over, instead of the other way around, to have them escort us. We live a little over an hour away from the hospital I was delivering at. We FINALLY made it there! Poata used valet parking and grabbed me a wheel chair and we painfully made it to the 10th floor where labor and delivery is. When I made it to my room they checked me and I was at 4-5 cm and jumped to 6 cm 2 minutes after. They pulled the anesthesiologist out of a c-section delivery she was about to do and she got my epidural in, I asked for a walking epidural ( a lighter version epidural) and she bluntly told me that I should take what she's giving me and I shouldn't be negotiating if I want any kind of relief! I probably should have been a little angry but she was right. She gave me the epidural and then apologized for being short with me but she gave me exactly what I asked for so I was very happy. I could feel the contractions coming on but with out all of the pain. I could also feel my legs which was great because when I had Luka I couldn't even feel that I had legs, what so ever! After I got my epidural they let me rest for about 15 or 20 minutes and the baby made his way further down in that time and I started pushing right away. I pushed about 5 sets of 3 and he was out! In between pushes I was talking about the London riots and random little conversations, laughing and chatting. It was so relaxing and I was so alert and aware of everything going on. With Luka's birth I felt so delirious and exhausted that it wasn't as great of an experience for me, but of course it was still amazing and special in it's own way. After I delivered him we were able to stay in the delivery room for a couple of hours with Lennon before we had to move to a postpartum room and before they had to take him to be bathed and checked. It was so great to get that relaxing cuddle time with him! He latched on perfectly and has eaten well ever since. I felt so great immediately after and even got right up and walked to use the bathroom when I moved to my postpartum room. I didn't even need help into my wheel chair to move from my delivery room to post partum room. I even walked to check on Lennon in the nursery a couple hours later with no problem. We only had to stay one night at the hospital and we left around noon the next day. The hospital stay went by so fast and Poata and I were excited to pick up our Luka from grandma's house. We missed that little monster! I am so blessed to have these perfect little boys in my life! Luka is adjusting so well and Lennon seems to be getting stronger each day. He smiles all of the time and eats and sleeps a lot! He gives me lots of rest and I don't even feel like a zombie like I did with Luka! Anyways that's the birth story of Lennon, hope I didn't bore you =)