Sunday, November 7, 2010


"Luka's banana tree"

Hello friends! It's November so I've been thinking about what I am grateful for lately and I'm grateful for a WHOLE LOT! But today as Luka and I took a walk around our house I couldn't help but be super grateful for where I live and all the beauty that surrounds me! I happened to have my camera with me because I had to take pictures of our studio that's attached to our house because our tenant is moving and so I had to post some pictures on craigslist to get it re-rented but anyways I am so happy that I had my camera, now you can see what I am grateful for too! Luka has so much fun exploring our yard, and it's no wonder why! I remember as a kid exploring the yard and finding new and interesting things all the time! The flowers in our yard are in full bloom lately and there are even some new funky mushrooms that appeared because of the recent rain. Another thing I noticed while exploring is how good our mini garden is doing, I say mini because all we have planted is a banana tree, 2 papaya trees, tomato's, basil and taro. Writing that down just now actually seems like a lot! haha. We have enjoyed plenty of our basil and had taro a couple of times but we are still waiting for the others to bare fruit. I only snapped a picture of Poata's banana tree because it is just growing like crazy! Poata planted it "for Luka" a few months after he was born so it is about a year old. Anyways I am so very grateful to be able to live in Hawaii and to be able to grow my own little garden and be able to explore with my very curious little toddler. Happy November people!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Firefighter's, Puppies, Monsters, Temple's, Pumpkin's...

after our Laie Hawaii temple tour

pumpkin patch

at the hare krsna temple

the cute little Indian girls

our new puppy Sole

my hello kitty jack-o-lantern

our owl and hello kitty

Poata's owl

my boys

my monster cupcakes

do you see the green vampires have blood on their teeth? that's my favorite part

my firefighter

i think it's bed time

the lickety split ice cream truck gave out free mini ice cream cones! yum

firefighter family

HALLOWEEN!!! Well before I get ahead of myself, let me first explain that like most of my posts, this is a pretty random one. But I'm sure you figured that out by the title! So The title isn't in chronological order but I think my post will be. So first we went to visit Temples! Most importantly of course was the open house of the Laie, Hawaii LDS temple! It is being rededicated after being closed for over a year for renovations but before they rededicate it they have it open to the public to witness it's glory! It is beautiful! We took a tour of it last Saturday. It's really neat because they let you see all of the rooms, including the brides room, the sealing room, the celestial room among others. It was such a great opportunity and experience and I was lucky to be able to go with not only my dear husband and silly son but I brought along my brother, sister and cousin as well and as non-members  they were really impressed! Now in my title it says "temple's" not temple. The next day we went to the Hare Krsna temple in town for their free Sunday feast of amazing Indian food and as usual it was delicious!! There were also these darling little girls in the most beautiful little outfits! I had to snap a pic of them! Next on the list... Pumpkins. We took Luka to the pumpkin patch to pick a couple pumpkin's to carve. It was so much fun to pick out a pumpkin that is still growing on the vine, I actually had never been to a pumpkin patch! I had no idea there was even a pumpkin patch on the island until this year! We picked out a couple perfect pumpkins and we carved them into an owl and hello kitty! Luka had a great time flinging seeds around our living room and trying to help us carve. Puppies comes next chronologically on our list. We got a puppy yesterday! His name is "Sole" which obviously Poata picked out. He is a pure bred, purple ribbon, papered (whatever that means) Blue Nose Pitbull. He is such a sweet and mellow puppy! Luka is still getting used to him but has fun poking around his body. The puppy really likes Luka! Next, "Firefighter's." Luka was a firefighter for Halloween this year. He even had a fire truck to ride in while trick-or-treating! He was such a cute little hero! He kept his hat on the entire night which really surprised me and every time it fell off he would hand it to me and wait for me to put it back on! He also loved his boots! Ever since we bought them he has been bringing them to me and making me put them on him then he will walk around the house for the rest of the day in them! I love my little fireman! Ok, last but not least... Monsters! I made little cupcake monsters to bring over to my mom's house on Halloween. They were so fun to make and I thought they came out so adorable! I can't wait to make some more! Hope you all had a fun Halloween! Now it's time to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!