Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Fun

taking our orders =) he always gets in this little house and pretends to take our orders for snacks then goes to the other side of the house and moves his hands around and pretends to do stuff and comes back with our imaginary snacks. it is soooo dang cute!!

at Pearl Harbor



Pacific Aviation Museum

i went to Japan to lend a hand

this tower was in the movie pearl harbor as well as a couple others

in one of the hangers that was in use during the attack on pearl harbor, there were even still bullet holes in the windows

inside of a military helicopter

luka and daddy in a helicopter

waimea day

perfect beach day at waimea

luka seriously makes the best motorcycle sound effects ever

walking to kawela bay

kawela bay

jungle cupcakes for the baby shower

the gorgeous mother to be, Brittany

my little monkey

look at that face <3 he's beyond stoked!

last night's amazing sunset

We have been trying to take Luka on a lot of adventures lately, his vocabulary is growing so fast so we're trying to take him to new places to learn new things. He has so much fun going anywhere so it makes it a lot of fun for us! He always says "WHOA!!" or "WOW" in such an excited voice when he sees neat things. We took him to the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor and we all had such a great time there! I definitely recommend going! There are a lot of different museums there that you can visit separately so we plan on going back soon to see the submarine, ship and memorial. We have also been having a lot of beach days with daddy which is especially fun! When daddy's home we get to go to a beach besides alligators, not that we don't love alligators but its fun to switch it up. Like every other kid in the world, Luka loves the park! He has mastered a curved ladder and the slides and he has so much fun chasing other kids around and playing. We try to take him to the park every evening when Poata gets home from work. I had a baby shower yesterday and Luka tagged along, Poata and I had a deal this weekend that on saturday he could have 5 hours alone and Sunday I had 5 hours! amazing, let me tell you! But I also had an amazing time with Luka at my friends baby shower!! It was jungle themed so I baked some jungle face cupcakes that were a hit. There was a pool so Luka had a blast!! It was a little windy so he played in the jacuzzi which was at a perfect temperature, like warm bath water, he obviously had so much fun as you can tell from his huge grin! Anyways that's a little update on what we've been doing lately.