Friday, September 26, 2008


Hello! sorry I haven't added any new posts for SOOO long! My computer has been broken for quite some time now and it is finally fixed!! =) Anyways a lot has happened since the last post... for one, I turned 22! I'm no longer 21 unfortunately because I would love to be forever 21 but thats ok. For my birthday I got to go wakeboarding and jet skiing!! it was soooo much fun! we barbequed and stayed at the beach all day and there were a bunch of us and everyone made a really cool treat like homemade/handgrown cucumber salad or butterscotch brownies or the cutest pink cupcakes ever! it was a really fun day! and as if we didn't get enough food there we also went to cheesecake factory for dinner because it's pretty much a tradition of mine. And Poata was so perfect all day! I got woken up with roses and breakfast and presents so thats always nice! And my brother, Jai, got me a ticket to seattle to visit him for my b-day present so that was pretty awesome!! I actually just got back yesterday. I went with my younger sister Savanna and we went everywhere! It was so cool! But of course we were shopping the majority of the time! But we went to the space needle of course, the pikes place market, the freemont market, the freemont troll, gas works park, south center mall, and a bunch of other places as well as some of the most amazing restaurants!! and best of all there were sooooo many vegetarian restaurants EVERYWHERE! We also had a luau party at my brothers house with all vegan hawaiian food like vegan coconut shrimp and mochiko chicken and I made tofu poke, and the deserts were amazing! We had vegan chocolate haupia pie and vegan haupia cream cupcakes and even cannolis! At the freemont market I got to witness a texas chainsaw massacre pumpkin carving contest! It was crazy! Also at the freemont market there was a root beer gardens booth that had hundreds of different kinds of root beer and you could sample them for a dollar! And there was another booth that we got nutella crepes from! yumm! anyways I had a blast and here are a few pictures from the trip...