Friday, April 23, 2010

We met a Luka but he was a Luca

We went to the beach, Alligators of course and there was a cute little boy. We said hi to the cute little boy, we asked how old he was. He counted for us. All the way up to 8! He made us soup (sand in a bucket with some fresh salt water swirled around with a shovel and mmmmmmm mmmmm yummy soup). Then we asked his name. Luca! Wait what, how did you know my son's name?? No wait, what, your son's name is Luka too! Wait Luca. Crazytown. I mean Luka/LucaTown. And wait... you live right by me! Like 1 road over! FUN

swingtime fun

okay so in my last post I mention a video of Luka laughing in his swing. For some dumb reason it didn't upload soooo here it is =) hopefully.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Luka is and has been eight months for a while but I'm just getting around to putting up his sandy eight month pics. I can't believe how amazing this little man is! He just surprises me everyday with the things he can do! He is so funny too! He has such a sense of humor! And he is EXTRA sneaky! When he gets into things he can't have or he crawls to somewhere he shouldn't he is smart enough to know and to look back at me with the sneakiest of faces! And he even smiles and laughs! AND CRAWLS FASTER! He is standing on his own for longer and longer each day and he is starting to put more syllables together and he can say dada really well now, even when we ask him to sometimes! He is such a smart little boy! And along with his guitar playing he has started to sing! He picks up the guitar or ukalele and starts humming weird little songs! AND he even sang along in church during the sacrament hymns! And by sing I mean mumble and hum weird noises but it is extra cute! And in other news I'm in LOVE with RED VELVET cake, well you know what I mean, cupcakes. It was never my favorite before, I'm a chocolate lover! But supposedly red velvet is a chocolate cake but I don't think one teaspoon in a recipe should count as being a chocolate cake but anyways it's my new favorite! And I think I've started a new red velvet fan club because my red velvet cupcakes are now Poata and my mom and donnie's favorite too! Poata calls them my "signature" cupcakes, he is so funny sometimes! Anyways here are some pictures and a funny video of Luka swinging in his swing in our yard, which he OBVIOUSLY loves!! Oh yeah and p.s. I think I'm going to change the way I write out my posts, I was reading a friend of mines blog and she numbers her ideas so she doesn't ramble and I really like that because I obviously ramble, but I forgot to do it this time lol so maybe next time.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Crazies

The crazies =)

the boys
the girls

me and poata <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
megan and luka =)
Luka standing... ALL. BY. HIMSELF. !!!!! He can do this for about a minute or so now!!! He is amazing!

Today we had a super fun day with lots of visitors! First Megan came over to say hi and invite us to a party at her house this weekend. Then Rama and Ky came over to hang out. Then Jai and Leah came over to see us. Then Poata got home from work. Then my mom and Donnie came over. So yeah pretty much we had a party/ photo shoot evening. Super fun to have us all in one spot. I love family!


It was our THREE YEAR wedding anniversary yesterday (April 14th 2010)!!! We are still soooo much in love! And probably happier today than we were three years ago! We have grown so much in the past three years! We have learned a whole new meaning of responsibility and we have changed so much for the better. Looking back on the three years we have been married I realize how very lucky I am to have such an amazing husband! I realize that we have not gotten in one single big fight!! I realize how many times I've gotten flower and rose bouquets "just because." I realize how much he cares for me and cares for Luka. I realize what a hard worker he is. I realize that I couldn't be any happier and couldn't imagine my life without him! We had an awesome anniversary this year! We had other plans for it but we threw those plans out the window and switched it up a little and made them even better! Our old plans consisted of Poata buying me a present and me buying him one and us staying at a hotel in Waikiki and staying in town all day then going out to dinner. INSTEAD we bought an OCEAN KAYAK!! We have been wanting one for quite some time now but never had the money for one. We had saved a little for our fun day in Waikiki and the hotel room and what not and we were shopping around a few days before our anniversary and saw an ocean kayak and realized it was the exact amount we had saved for our fun day and also realized that we could have TONS of fun days if we put our money to that instead so we did it!! and we are SOOOO STOKED!! So our new anniversary plans obviously consisted of going out on our new kayak all day! So we woke up and Poata made me breakfast in bed (Belgian waffles with lehua blossom honey and bananas and veggie sausages and blueberry pomegranate acai juice) then we got ready and went to Hukilau Beach to Kayak. We bought Luka a baby life-vest. It was pretty windy so we didn't stay out long. Luka loves the water but not necessarily the water splashing vigorously in his face. But he was a trooper. We went in and watched Poata go out alone and he flipped over twice lol. He then came in too and we all took a nap on the beach. I got a little bit of a tan =) Then we headed home and got ready to go out for dinner. We went to Lei lei's for dinner and it was delicious of course! The best part about it though was that I knew every single server working that night and they all took turns walking Luka around the restaurant so that we got to have a romantic evening! It was so sweet of them! and so nice for us for a change! We came home and put Luka to sleep and enjoyed the red velvet cupcakes I made for Poata. THE END. <3 <3 <3

Sunday, April 11, 2010


At church

Priscilla and I had a mommy and son shopping day! Super fun and our boys got to ride in these silly race-car strollers. They loved them!

My Easter cupcakes: coconut cupcakes with haupia filling.

Luka at our Easter Brunch.
Savanna, my little sissy
chai tea cupcakes with a orange cinnamon buttercream
Luka and I at Poata's rugby practice
Luka and I at Lui Buenos. FINALLY a good Mexican restaurant in Haleiwa!!
Luka with some of his Easter goodies.

Luka's grandma Jenna and grandpa Donnie got him this tool set to be like his dad and he loves it!!

Luka just woke up here and was so happy even though he had a messy bed head =)

Spring... Here in Hawaii spring isn't much different from other seasons. It has been raining on and off lately but I can't say that doesn't happen in every other season here. But when the rain is off we are on our way to the beach! or to Luka's kiddy pool. I guess Spring is different because we have Easter. We had a great Easter with Luka! We woke up and turned on the t.v. to watch general conference. Then of course I had some cupcakes to make! The turned out awesome! Probably my best yet. I made coconut cupcakes with a haupia (hawaiian coconut pudding) filling and buttercream frosting tinted easter colors. Then we gave Luka his Easter basket. He had a lot of fun throwing the plastic eggs ALL over our house! Next year I probably won't give him sooo many plastic eggs! He also got a bunny stuffed animal and some other toys and goodies in his basket. I know he won't remember getting a basket this year but I just wanted to start the tradition for him. I didn't dye eggs though which is usually a huge tradition of ours! A pretty competitive tradition actually. But I thought that might be a little messy with a very grabby little boy! But next year we will for sure! Anyways we had a brunch at my house for Easter. My mom, Donnie, Jai, Savanna and a family friend of ours, Ashley came over for the feast! It was super fun and the food was super good! We also had some virgin pear bellini's and mimosa's (sparkling apple cider with pear nectar or orange juice- very yummy!) I made whole wheat walnut pancakes and scrambled eggs and cupcakes, my brother made scrambled tofu, my mom made home fries with white potatoes and purple sweet potatoes and Donnie made a family recipe fruit salad with hand whipped whip cream. Everything was awesome! I felt like it was Thanksgiving! Luka had fun eating his gerber food but he at least got to eat with us in our little circle in the living room. I love Spring because I know summer is coming and although the weather doesn't seem to change much with each season the waves on the other hand do! Summer means flat lake-like water, PERFECT for my little Luka! I can't wait!!