Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life of a 6 month old

Driving to the beach for Luka's 6th month celebration =) I later made a cake and we sang happy birthday lol
Dogtown baby. My dad got him this onsie.

silly kid

Luka and daddy hanging out with his bestie Koali'i and his dad
chilling by the pool
cutest baby ever

Ocean and Luka
Ocean and Luka in Luka's new pool
My Valentines Day. Best hubby ever!
Strawberry cupcakes w/ triple berry frosting
My uncle Jon with his daughter Sterling and my Luka.

Luka is 6 months old! He has been for almost a month, he is almost 7 months so before he turns a month older I have to blog about his 6Th month. He is growing like crazy, one of his nurses said I have high octane breast milk. He is over the one hundredth percentile for his weight and height and he is in the 58Th percentile for a one year old for height and weight! He is crawling now and standing up in his crib and starting to get into all of the things he is not supposed to be touching. His personality grows each day and he is so much fun to be around! He officially said his first word! And of course it's mama!!! He has said it a few times now and I feel overjoyed each time. Luka is really cuddly with me and he loves to play with his dad. Poata is the best dad I have ever seen! He loves to carry Luka and kiss him and play with him, he does anything for Luka. He always wants to take him along no matter where he is going. When he leaves for work he asks if he can take Luka with him, I answer that it's fine with me but I don't think your boss would appreciate it and I don't think you'll get much work done and Poata gets so disappointed because he doesn't want to be away from Luka all day. The day Luka turned 6 months we took him to the beach and got him wet in the ocean for the first time. He didn't love it but he didn't hate it so we tried again a few days later and he loved it. We go to the beach pretty regularly now and he splashes around in the water and smiles and talks to the waves, it's a ton of fun! Now that he can get wet I can too! It had been a while for me. This month has been really fun because my mom moved back to Oahu! She was visiting almost every other week to see Luka so she decided to just move back. She lives less than 5 minutes away, Poata walked Luka there a couple of days ago to surprise her. She has so much fun with Luka and buys him new toys all of the time, she even has a set of toys, a baby bathtub and a diaper changing kit at her house just for when we visit her there. She is the best grandma! And because she decided to move back I have decided to go back to school! She said she would babysit so I applied to BYUH for fall semester. I am excited and nervous to go back but Luka will be a year old by the time school starts so I feel pretty confident that I can handle the task and also that he can handle being without me for a couple of hours. We recently had my uncle visit us with his 2 daughters, Ocean (3) and Sterling (1). They are so cute and well behaved. Ocean was hilarious! She wanted to share EVERYTHING with Luka from pringles, cheetos and cookies to juice and soda! I would have him in his walker and her playing and I would turn my back for a second and look back and catch her trying to share random snacks with him, it was bad! But Luka loved having them around! He would be crying about something and one of them would walk in and he would instantly stop crying and start trying to act like a big boy. He has been better at crawling since they left. It was nice to have them here because I had never met Sterling before and they had never met Luka. It was a short stay though, just 2 days. We had a really good Valentines Day, I woke up with 2 vases of roses at my doorstep, one from Poata and a smaller one from Luka with a little card saying " To mommy thanks for everything! Love, Luka." It was such a cute idea! Then I made Poata breakfast in bed, a Mexican style omelet with rice. Then I baked some cupcakes of course and later my brother and his girlfriend Leah stopped by then we went to eat at Auntie Pastos and a friend of mine was our server. Dinner was so good and Poata was so good to me. He was romantic and sweet all day. Lately I have been baking a lot and it is so much fun for me! I love making cupcakes! I usually bake a batch each time the previous batch disappears. I am thinking about starting another blog for my cupcake recipes. I have been experimenting a lot with new recipes and additions to old recipes and it has been a lot of fun and Poata has been a very happy husband. I recently made chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate chocolate chip frosting and chocolate macadamia cupcakes with strawberry frosting, strawberry cupcakes with triple berry frosting and pumpkin pecan cupcakes with cinnamon ginger frosting to name a few. We have nicknamed Luka cupcake because he cracks up when you say the word. It is so funny! Anytime you want to make him smile you just have to say cupcake in a silly voice. When I bake I have my back facing him so I do a little dance and say shake shake shake and turn around and say cupcake and it keeps him entertained while I'm whipping up a batch of cupcakes. He has a bunch of other nick names too; little man, rumble pants, monkey, Luka Buka and Luka Badooka but cupcake is a favorite among both me and Poata. Here are some pictures of Luka's 6Th month, enjoy.