Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Luka News!

Luka got blessed at church on Sunday!! Poata did the blessing in Samoan so it was really special! Luka of course cried the entire time but nonetheless the spirit was there! Luka had on the cutest outfit that Priscilla had bought for him (picture above). He turned 6 weeks on Sunday he is soo big now, weighing in at about 13 pounds!!! He is smiling a lot more lately and he really likes being outside, I carry him around in a baby bjorn and he loves it! My birthday is this friday and we are going to take him to the Cheesecake Factory with us! Scary! I hope he behaves for me! I really can't wait to take him to the beach though! Poata and I really miss the beach! Anyways here are some pictures...

This is my friend Alee holding Luka, she took the pictures above.