Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our 6 Day Weekend!

Playing with his uncle Jai
Playing in the sand for the first time
watching the waves.

watching the contest with his dad, Pancho Sullivan was in the next heat and he is in the background of this picture warming up and checking out the waves.

The contest was a nail biter lol.

Getting ready to go to the surf contest

Playing with his daddy and his stuffed animal that Uncle Jai got him, named Stitch.

Just waking up.
Rainbow on our way home from our Christmas shopping trip
He LOVED this blanket!! This was at peir one. It seriously was the softest blanket I have ever felt! and it had big pom poms dangling from it but it was 50$ so I didn't buy it but I really think I should have! he looks like cherry pie filling.
getting tickled
Laying on the table like our meal at aunty pastos.

at aunty pastos
at his 4 month check up
getting a massage from his daddy, he LOVES this!
at church

Since Thanksgiving Poata has been off of work because they are waiting to start their new job which means we have daddy home to play with!! It has been so much fun to have him around! Luka doesn't like car rides unless I'm sitting in the back with him so if Poata is at work then Luka and I are pretty much stuck at home except for our walks and outside time, we don't get to drive anywhere. I took full advantage of having our chauffeur home... Black Friday we didn't want to get stampeded on but we still wanted to get our shop on so we went to the surf shops in Haleiwa. Saturday sales were still going on so we headed over to Waikele, and Pearlridge and we all got some new fun stuff but most importantly we got outfits for the Haleiwa Joe's Cristmas party which is next Tuesday and our family Christmas picture that we are taking this weekend. Then my brother came by Saturday night and hung out for a little and I made a really yummy tofu curry for dinner. Luka had a lot of fun playing with his uncle especially when he makes Luka's jeep drift! Sunday we went to church and got lunch to go from Haleiwa Joes. Monday we had Luka's 4 month check up which went great! When the doctor came in the room he was so surprised to see Luka sitting on the examination table all by himself, he said babies usually can't sit up like him until about 7 months! He also said he was very advanced for his age with his playing skills, he can grab toys and bring them towards him and eat them, and move them between hands and also with his leg strength, he can stand up with just a little balancing help. Luka is growing so fast and doing new fun things every day! He just learned how to scream on Thanksgiving and it's the funniest thing ever! He gets so happy and instead of doing his normal laugh he screams on the top of his lungs with a big smile. After his appointment we went to eat at Aunty Pastos, one of our favorite restaurants, it was delicious as usual then we went shopping again! This time we went for Christmas things. We bought tons of really beautiful ornaments from Pier One Imports, our color theme is red and gold. I am sooooo excited for Christmas!!! It's Luka's first!! And his grandma from Samoa is coming to visit!! She arrives on December 10th and will be here through December. We are planning on buying our tree this weekend and by then Luka's personalized Christmas stocking to match Poata's and mine should be here. Today, Tuesday, the Van's Triple Crown of Surfing was on and for the first time in a few days the weather was perfect! We headed to Sunset Beach and had sooo much fun! Luka loved the beach! We put him in the sand for the first time and of course he had a handful but we managed to get it all out of that little slimy mouth of his. He watched the waves and all of the people and he had such a good time that it made Poata and I have an awesome time as well! We came home to a loaf of homemade pumpkin bread that I made this morning. The past few days have been perfect! I love my husband and my little boy so much and couldn't be any happier!


Kerri said...

Can you believe that you are a wife and a mom and that you LOVE it? Isn't it crazy to think about that? Girls really do get to have all the fun in life!!

Cierra said...

i love kerri's comment. look how far we have all come since our ninja house days! crazy!

man, i miss the surfing contests. i remember when jj and i went with tulasi and won a XXXLarge shirt because we could all fit in it together. haha good times.

sounds like you guys have been having a blast! i'm glad poata gets to spend time with you guys!