Sunday, November 7, 2010


"Luka's banana tree"

Hello friends! It's November so I've been thinking about what I am grateful for lately and I'm grateful for a WHOLE LOT! But today as Luka and I took a walk around our house I couldn't help but be super grateful for where I live and all the beauty that surrounds me! I happened to have my camera with me because I had to take pictures of our studio that's attached to our house because our tenant is moving and so I had to post some pictures on craigslist to get it re-rented but anyways I am so happy that I had my camera, now you can see what I am grateful for too! Luka has so much fun exploring our yard, and it's no wonder why! I remember as a kid exploring the yard and finding new and interesting things all the time! The flowers in our yard are in full bloom lately and there are even some new funky mushrooms that appeared because of the recent rain. Another thing I noticed while exploring is how good our mini garden is doing, I say mini because all we have planted is a banana tree, 2 papaya trees, tomato's, basil and taro. Writing that down just now actually seems like a lot! haha. We have enjoyed plenty of our basil and had taro a couple of times but we are still waiting for the others to bare fruit. I only snapped a picture of Poata's banana tree because it is just growing like crazy! Poata planted it "for Luka" a few months after he was born so it is about a year old. Anyways I am so very grateful to be able to live in Hawaii and to be able to grow my own little garden and be able to explore with my very curious little toddler. Happy November people!


Kami said...

Lovely things to be grateful for sister. When we were at your house this past summer, I really loved it ALL; your yard, your view, your beachy house and your little Luka :-D I love the photos of the flowers, they should be in a National Geographic magazine for real girl, hehe. (sigh) Thanks for being grateful of my beautiful Hawaii and for currently living there, soaking in all of it's glorious beauty, oh sweet goodness :-D

P.S We are planning on making those pumpkin cookies this week so wish us luck :-)

Cierra said...

when can we move in?? :) ohhhh how you now i wish i could! your garden looks amazing! i have always loved your house. it is so charming and so classic hawaii. i am glad to hear that you don't take it for granted and that you count your blessings. luka looks adorable in those red boots! i wanna squeeze him! aahhhh!

Caryn said...

You guys have a fabulous yard! Makes me miss home sooooo much. =)