Sunday, April 10, 2011


at one of my doctors appointments

"fixing" his train

Luka and Naia at Naia's first birthday party

me and the birthday girl

Naia getting her new sunrise shell necklace that I'm totally jealous of!

Naia and her mommy

ducks at the harbor

Luka loves boats, well any moving vehicle actually (cars, trucks, construction machines, airplanes, helicopters etc.) we take him to the haleiwa harbor often to take walks and admire the boats. It's a fun little family walk and it wears him out for bedtime which has been kind of a nightmare recently but anyways here are some pictures of one of our walks at the harbor. We also went to waikiki and had lunch at the cheesecake factory and upon leaving realized that there was a parade going on! Talk about perfect timeing! This has actually happened to us before in waikiki, on Poata's birthday we ate at cheesecake factory and there was a parade going on when we got out. I guess we're just lucky! So I know there is a major overload of pictures but I was too lazy to decide which ones to post so I just did them all. Wait till my next post, there will be even more!