Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So adjusting to two isn't as hard as I thought it would be. I guess I prepared myself for the worst and luckily I don't have the worst case scenario. Luka is so good with the newbie! If the baby cries he says, "baby, tying (crying), help him" then he tells the baby, "you're otay baby, you're fine" haha he is so funny! He doesn't smother the baby in kisses or anything but you can tell he cares for him. He also likes to share his toys with him! He has a Thomas the Train set and also a miniature wind up set of Thomas trains that he calls the baby trains so naturally he thought the baby should play with them, it was so cute except instead of handing them nicely to Lennon he pretty much just chucked them at his face haha, then he pries his hands open and makes Lennon hold them. He meant well though and told me he was "sharing" it completely melted my heart as you can imagine. Anyways he is a pretty awesome big brother and I can't wait for them to be able to really play together! As for me I recovered pretty much instantly which was obviously great! I only gained 14 pounds during this pregnancy, Lennon was 8.3 lbs and my placenta was huge so I pretty much lost everything instantly too which is also great. With Luka I gained 19 and Luka was 8.10 and my placenta was 10 lbs so similar experience, stoked on that!  I'm really enjoying being a mother of two, I'm excited for the future! I love having them both in my arms at once, such an amazing thing, still can't even believe it! Anyways I have some goals lately that hopefully I can follow through with. My two boys are so good for me that I've been thinking of a bunch of projects and such that hopefully I can do while juggling 2 babies. I want to do some art projects and house projects but also some work on myself, exercise and what not. Well anyways just thought I'd do a little post about what I'm thinking right now. And here's some pictures of my 2 boys!


Darah said...

Congrats again on the new baby! I'm thinking about it, and definitely thinking the worst that two will be so hard, but you seem to be handling it fine. You also have THE Cutest babies ever, and Luka seems like such a great brother. I love Lennon's name:-)

Crystal said...

Wow, thats so good your adjustment has gone well. I'm still trying to adjust to it. My 1 year old is really the hard one. She is really hard to please now that I have the newborn here. Anyways, good for you and congrats on the weight thing! You are so lucky! I actually did VERY good this time around, but I still can't say I have NOTHING to lose. That's so awesome for you!

Matapuna said...

You are such a beautiful mom Brisha! I cannot wait to come home and have our babies play :). <3