Sunday, March 28, 2010


These are cookie monster cupcakes that I made for a pot luck that we went to this weekend. (My brothers girlfriends sisters birthday party in Waikiki)
Luka with his new ukalele from uncle Jai.
This is my step-dad Donnie's guitar, he even yells for Donnie's guitar when I go over to my mom's house. It's the first thing he notices when we get there.
Poata and Luka at Haleiwa Joe's for dinner a few nights ago.
With Grandpa Donnie at alligators

At Alligators with Grandma Jenna (Jema: my mom's grandma name, like jlo but Jema lol) and Grandpa Donnie.

At the library in the toy bucket =)

So lately we have been spending a lot of time with my mom and it has been sooooo nice! I can't tell you how much I love having family near by! For a while Poata and I were the only members of either of our families on this island and it was pretty lame. Now we have my mom, and step dad, my brother, little sister and cousin Rama! It is so much fun! Jai usually comes over on the weekends and Rama and her boyfriend Ky usually come on their days off of work. My mom on the other hand comes over almost everyday and if she doesn't come to my house I go to hers. She lives right at three tables so it's really convenient! A couple of days ago Luka and I took a walk over to her house and surprised them. We had our usual walk to alligators and back to our house but the day was so beautiful that we didn't want to go back home just yet so we just kept walking and we ended up at my moms house. My mom and I have also been shopping quite a few times which as you all know is my favorite thing to do! Especially when it's with my mom =). We also took Luka to the library for the first time! It was so much fun! They have a whole "kiddie" section with stuffed animals and mini tables and everything. We have been going to the beach a lot too. The waves are starting to settle down as it gets closer to summer and I can't wait for those perfectly flat summer days at Waimea Bay to take Luka in! He is such a little water baby. He loves taking baths and even tries to climb in the bath tub all by himself now! He crawls to the bathroom then stands up holding on to the tub, then lifts up one leg and tries to climb in, it is so cute! He is so strong! Oh and by the way he is EIGHT months now! He is a professional crawler and is moving on to bigger and better things, he is trying to move around while holding onto things like the couch or his crib. He is also saying mama and dada! Poata and I spaz out every time he says either. We look at each other with a big eyed crazy face but really we mean did you hear that?? He still has no teeth but I'm not really looking forward to nursing with him having teeth anyways. He absolutely loves his dad! When Poata gets home from work everyday Luka beams! He has the cutest smile and is totally ready to start playing. He loves to play with his dad, especially with the guitar! He is OBSESSED with guitars. I don't remember if I have already mentioned this but he plays the guitar like a little rock star! If he see's the guitar somewhere he will either yell until you give it to him or wiggle his way out of your arms so he can crawl to it. My brother bought him a little ukalele so he could have one his own size and he loves it! He is too funny! Another funny thing he did the other day was yell at me! Poata had just finished drinking a bottle of cocacola and Luka really wanted some so Poata put the lid back on and gave the bottle to Luka to play with. I didn't realize the lid was on it so I yelled to Poata to take it away from him, so he did. Luka, sitting back towards me, turns around and yelled at me, "eaaahhhh waaah eeuu raauuuwwwhhh" translation: "Mom! WTH Let me have that! Mind your own business!" It was hilarious! Anyways He is just the best thing that has ever happened to us! He is so much fun to be around and he cracks us up all the time! He just amazes us with his strength, intelligence and sense of humor, yes he has a really good sense of humor. Here are a few pictures of our adventures lately.


Kerri said...

those cupcakes are amazing. i'll have to get the details from your for Kaci's b-day this summer. she loves cookie monster. heck, maybe we should make some for the fun of it!!

Cierra said...

i ditto kerri. those cupcakes look professional, brisha! why don't you just open a bakery already? hawaii needs a good one with cupcakes. you'll be rich!

some of the pictures won't show up for me :( but i loved the ones i could see! luka is getting way too big way too fast! ahhhh he is so cute! i better meet him before he is a teenager!