Saturday, March 13, 2010

Par-tay =)

Really awesome balloon guy! Made Luka Elmo and me a tiffany key (they are my new obsession)
Luka making his new silly face with his elmo balloon
Koa blowing out his candles
All of the mommy's! I can't believe we all had babies around the same time! So cool!

This was the first picture but it kept growing! So many of us have children now.
The borthday boy with his mommy, Priscilla
Merekete's cutie.
The little Tamangaro family.
Jennifer and Nona-Vee
Luka with his "team mate" Roaden.

Walking into the party =)

A turtle at Alligator's yesterday.
Luka ready to go to the movies
Me and Poata taking Luka on a walk on Ke Nui on the bike path.
Luka loving his guitar.
At the body boarding contest

Today was Luka's bestie Koa's first birthday! It was so much fun to see my friends and their babies, it's funny to see how "grown up" we all are now! The party was "sports" themed so we got Luka a little soccer jersey and shorts. His other little friend Roaden had the exact outfit on, it was like they were a little team, so cute! The party was a blast and Luka was such a little "fun haver" in Poata's words. I said aka he had fun but Poata said no, he was a fun haver lol. I cannot wait for Luka's first birthday party! His is going to be construction themed. It's pretty much planned already even though I have about 5 more months to go. Anyways here are a few random pictures from this past week and a bunch of pictures from the party today. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention Luka is definitely going to be a famous guitar player!! He absolutely LOVES playing the guitar. Poata's favorite thing to do to relax is grab the guitar and play a few songs, sometimes even until he falls asleep with guitar in hand lol. He has played the guitar for Luka since he was born. Luka will crawl from across the house if he see's the guitar. He then kneels or stands against it and strums it! All by himself! He sometimes sings along (yells along) and it entertains him forever! And when Poata plays it and Luka hears it he stops whatever he is doing and crawls over to his dad and starts strumming it, interrupting Poata's song. The other day Poata said to me, Hunny can you please take him, I havn't played an entire song in soooo long! So we borrowed Donnie's (my other dad) guitar so they can both play =) It's really awesome that Luka is so interested in the guitar because Poata plays, both of my dad's play, and Poata's dad plays! I'll get a new video up of him playing one of these days.


Cierra said...

cutest little soccer-playing, fun-haver that i've ever seen! :)

so awesome that he loves the guitar!

Kam said...

i love all of the photos brisha! i so wish i was there with all of the girls! all of the babies and mommaz look so cute. i loved luka's outfit, well, i love luka period! lol! awesome photos!

Latu-Vaki Family said...

He is so cute! Love the pictures!