Friday, April 16, 2010


It was our THREE YEAR wedding anniversary yesterday (April 14th 2010)!!! We are still soooo much in love! And probably happier today than we were three years ago! We have grown so much in the past three years! We have learned a whole new meaning of responsibility and we have changed so much for the better. Looking back on the three years we have been married I realize how very lucky I am to have such an amazing husband! I realize that we have not gotten in one single big fight!! I realize how many times I've gotten flower and rose bouquets "just because." I realize how much he cares for me and cares for Luka. I realize what a hard worker he is. I realize that I couldn't be any happier and couldn't imagine my life without him! We had an awesome anniversary this year! We had other plans for it but we threw those plans out the window and switched it up a little and made them even better! Our old plans consisted of Poata buying me a present and me buying him one and us staying at a hotel in Waikiki and staying in town all day then going out to dinner. INSTEAD we bought an OCEAN KAYAK!! We have been wanting one for quite some time now but never had the money for one. We had saved a little for our fun day in Waikiki and the hotel room and what not and we were shopping around a few days before our anniversary and saw an ocean kayak and realized it was the exact amount we had saved for our fun day and also realized that we could have TONS of fun days if we put our money to that instead so we did it!! and we are SOOOO STOKED!! So our new anniversary plans obviously consisted of going out on our new kayak all day! So we woke up and Poata made me breakfast in bed (Belgian waffles with lehua blossom honey and bananas and veggie sausages and blueberry pomegranate acai juice) then we got ready and went to Hukilau Beach to Kayak. We bought Luka a baby life-vest. It was pretty windy so we didn't stay out long. Luka loves the water but not necessarily the water splashing vigorously in his face. But he was a trooper. We went in and watched Poata go out alone and he flipped over twice lol. He then came in too and we all took a nap on the beach. I got a little bit of a tan =) Then we headed home and got ready to go out for dinner. We went to Lei lei's for dinner and it was delicious of course! The best part about it though was that I knew every single server working that night and they all took turns walking Luka around the restaurant so that we got to have a romantic evening! It was so sweet of them! and so nice for us for a change! We came home and put Luka to sleep and enjoyed the red velvet cupcakes I made for Poata. THE END. <3 <3 <3


Caryn said...

Congrats on your anniversary! And 3 years without a big fight = double congrats, haha. That kayak looks like so much fun. Glad you had a good one this year. =)

Kam said...

woohoo, 3 years and still going strong! thats what i like to see, good on you 2! it's great to have a lovely husband and it's a beautiful thing to hear that you have one of your own, =D. fun anni and i bet that kayak is going to be lotz more fun in the future. of course, i must say that i love the 'sight' of those velvet cupcakes and i bet they tasted oh so yummy!

Cierra said...

yayyyyyy three years! can you even believe it?? i still remember how happy you guys were at your wedding and i'm so glad that you are even happier now! you're perfect for each other!

by the way, you look GORGEOUS in that shade of blue, brisha! it flatters your perfectly tanned skin.

p.s, so jealous of your new kayak!