Thursday, April 22, 2010


Luka is and has been eight months for a while but I'm just getting around to putting up his sandy eight month pics. I can't believe how amazing this little man is! He just surprises me everyday with the things he can do! He is so funny too! He has such a sense of humor! And he is EXTRA sneaky! When he gets into things he can't have or he crawls to somewhere he shouldn't he is smart enough to know and to look back at me with the sneakiest of faces! And he even smiles and laughs! AND CRAWLS FASTER! He is standing on his own for longer and longer each day and he is starting to put more syllables together and he can say dada really well now, even when we ask him to sometimes! He is such a smart little boy! And along with his guitar playing he has started to sing! He picks up the guitar or ukalele and starts humming weird little songs! AND he even sang along in church during the sacrament hymns! And by sing I mean mumble and hum weird noises but it is extra cute! And in other news I'm in LOVE with RED VELVET cake, well you know what I mean, cupcakes. It was never my favorite before, I'm a chocolate lover! But supposedly red velvet is a chocolate cake but I don't think one teaspoon in a recipe should count as being a chocolate cake but anyways it's my new favorite! And I think I've started a new red velvet fan club because my red velvet cupcakes are now Poata and my mom and donnie's favorite too! Poata calls them my "signature" cupcakes, he is so funny sometimes! Anyways here are some pictures and a funny video of Luka swinging in his swing in our yard, which he OBVIOUSLY loves!! Oh yeah and p.s. I think I'm going to change the way I write out my posts, I was reading a friend of mines blog and she numbers her ideas so she doesn't ramble and I really like that because I obviously ramble, but I forgot to do it this time lol so maybe next time.


Kerri said...

Ok, did I miss the post when you said your new obsession is cupcakes. I swear you have made cupcakes in every post for the past while now. I'm lovin it. I wish I was there to eat one.

Cierra said...

your "signature" cupcake! haha so cute! :)

and 8 months?? holy moley! so stinkin' big now!

p.s. that hibiscus picture is unreal. it looks like a hawaiian postcard!