Saturday, May 22, 2010

live laugh love GROW

Luka is learning at a rapid rate now! He is AMAZING! He is nine months and counting and his first birthday is sneaking up on me like a ninja. Speaking of sneaky ninjas Luka is quite a little sneak himself! So here is a little update on his life:
Things he LOVES:
-His dad (and his mom of course)
-The beach (he kicks his legs until we let him in the water)
-Being outside in general
-Grocery shopping (He stands up in the shopping cart and yells at everyone)
-Dancing (He holds on to anything he can and shakes his upper body and moves his feet as fast as he possibly can)
-Singing (His favorite song to dance or sing to is the lion sleeps tonight- in the jungle song)
-Playing the guitar and ukalele
-Reading books (I have all of his books lined up against the wall on the floor in his room and he will crawl to them daily and pick them up and make weird noises and flip them around)
-Drinking anything he can get his hands on (he yells for whatever we are drinking and he can drink pretty well out of a cup now so we give him water and once and a while a sip of our smoothies and juices, he would do anything for a sip!
-His Grandma Jenna (He cries for her when she leaves!)
Things he HATES:
-Green beans
-Putting his pajamas on when it's time for bed
-When we don't give him what he is asking for
-When dad leaves for work in the morning
-Sitting in his car seat for too long
-Dogs (He is pretty scared of them)
Things he has accomplished:
-Standing unsupported
-Clapping his hands
-Waving hello and goodbye
-Plays peekaboo with us
-Understands a lot of what we are saying to him, like "no" "dont eat that" "come here"
-Kisses us!! (my favorite!)
-Hugs us!
-Cruises around while holding on to furniture
-Says dada to his dada
-Mimics a lot of things Poata or I do (It's really easy to teach him things now)
-Eats about 3 jars of baby food a day now!
-Almost has his first teeth! (I know it is pretty late but I can see a few about to pop out!!)
-Almost took his first steps! (a couple of days ago he kind of took his first steps, it happened so fast we don't even know!)

Luka is so smart and aware of everything around him. Him dancing is probably the cutest thing Poata and I have ever seen! Right when we put a song on he just starts rocking out! It's the best part of the day!


Kami said...

he's growing into a little man and progressing so well! he looks and sounds like a healthy baby boy too. alot of it has to do with mommy and daddy so great job! hi luka!

darah. said...

Soooo cute! I always dance to music and my son just watches me and smiles. I don't know if he's smiling because mommy looks like she's having a seizure, but he loves music too. Oh and congrats on the upcoming jobs (I seen it on facebook!), you'll do so well Brish!

Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

Thanks guys!! And darah you're so funny!! And I'm super excited about my jobs!!!

darah. said...

Brisha, if you made Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes, I would soooo come home and order them from you!! I'm glad they sell it at home because I would die without it too! I'll definitely try the abuelita brand too. I am going to make some now.

ashlyn said...

Hey Brisha! Glad you found me! And thanks for the congrats! hehe. Your little son is such a cutie! 9 months now huh? He seems to be a little explorer already! Your rainbow cake in your previous looks absolutely delicious. I'm tempted to attempt to make it!!! And I love your other blog, too. I need to go back and follow you on that one. Loooooove it! Keep it up!!

Crystal said...

i cant wait for those days to come. but im enjoying the stages of her life as they come because i know they will soon be over. great update on your cutie pie!

ashlyn said...

Brisha! I can't find the "Follow" button on your blog! Do you have one??