Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It was Poata's birthday on Friday, (June 11th). It was also King Kamehameha Day, because Poata is a king, or at least gets treated like one everywhere he goes (I'll get into that later.) Anyways for his birthday he got a rigid job site ipod radio that he has been wanting for quite some time now. He was beyond stoked and preceded to lay in the yard with Luka's inflatable pool as a pillow with music blasting. While he was laying in the yard I was baking my little butt off! I actually baked his birthday cake the night before because I had tons of baking to do on his birthday for my SECOND cupcake order!! My first order was only for 24 cupcakes and this order was for 75 cupcakes!! The party was an incredible hulk theme so I made "green" velvet cupcakes. Later on that day we headed to town for dinner and there was nightmare-ish traffic and we had no idea why so we finally found parking and walked to the waikiki strip and realized the entire road was closed for a festival! They were celebrating Poata and his king-hood. The festival booths were still setting up so we headed to dinner first at the Cheesecake Factory. Delicious as usual. The best part of dinner was how amazingly well behaved Luka was for us! At the cheesecake factory they make a little butterfly out of bread and bananas for kids and Luka was so content with that for his dinner. He is getting so good at chewing now and we also figured out that night that he can drink perfectly out of a straw! After dinner we headed out to that festival and watched a few of the performers, there was drumming and dancing and live bands as well as a lot of fun vendors. We then headed to our favorite store Babys R us. We spoiled Luka rotten as if it were his birthday! But we went there with a mission to stock up on our new favorite jean diapers in case they stop making them. We also had to get a present for the birthday that I was baking for the following day. On Saturday morning I packaged the cupcakes up and we headed to the party. We had a lot of fun there chatting with our friends and avoiding the water balloon fight. Everyone said they loved the cupcakes! Then on Sunday we taught our primary class for the first time. One word. HILARIOUS!!! I love these crazy kids! It was better than watching T.V.!! I can't wait until next week's episode! Favorite quote: " I don't know why my mom had that brother of mine! He is bad because when he was born he tried to come out the wrong way!! When babies are born they are supposed to come out head first but he tried to come out feet first! And then my mom had to get cut open!!" Then a few of the other girls chimed in... "my mom had to get cut open too!" "mine too!" Then a little boy, "I hate it when that happens!" I was literally in tears laughing!! I am not kidding you! TEARS! Anyways the cutest part was that I taught the days lesson on gratitude and I had the kids draw a picture of what they were grateful for and why and one little girl drew a picture of her mother and explained that she was grateful for her because she gives her hugs before she goes to bed. SO CUTE! Anyways we had a great weekend! Poata said it was one of the best birthdays he has ever had. Oh Wait! I forgot to mention what I baked for Poata's birthday cake... A SIX (6) LAYER CHOCOLATE CAKE!! It was six layers and in between each layer was a layer of chocolate ganache and a layer of cream cheese frosting, then the cake was covered in chocolate fudge frosting. It was awesome and he was very impressed! I love him! Oh and one more thing, Poata gets treated like a king EVERYWHERE we go! It's almost getting funny! We went to the hare krsna temple last week for the feast and this Indian guy just started showering Poata with garlands and food and cookies and praiseing him, then on his birthday we were looking into the quicksilver store because there was something going on and the girl at the front door informed us it was a private party and as we started to walk away the bouncer was like do you guys want to come in? Come in, it's a private party, I'll let you go in. And many other times that I can't recall right now because I have the worlds craziest memory. The end. AHH okay, ONE more thing! I promise! Luka had his first shave ice! haha. It had no flavor, just the ice but he loved it! We always feel bad for him when we go to matsumotos but this time he was very satisfied with his ice. okay... THE END!


Kerri said...

I'm so glad you updated again. Sounds like you have had an awesome time in between posts. Happy B-Day Poata, that cakes sound amazing. Cool that you are filling orders for cupcakes, I'd definately buy some from you if I lived in Hawaii, those cookie monster ones are by far my favorite. That festival sounded fun, I love festivals. Luka is getting so big, and those jean diapers are so cute, I'm glad you stocked up on them. Fun family Brisha!

Kami said...

Wow, soooo much has happened. A 6 layered cake spells a.w.e.s.o.m.e, yum yum! I love the colors of the hulk cupcakes and I bet they tasted fabulous! Yay for luka and his first 'shave ice', so cute! Especially those jeans diapers, hope you got stocked up good :)

darah. said...

Amazing cake, I bet it was delicious because it sounds like it! Who would not partake of a six-layer chocolate cake with ganache and cream cheese frosting. *drooling.

The Hulk cupcakes were so cute! I'm so glad you're doing well with that.

I miss Hawaii and all the things that they have going on in town. Sigh, more reason for us to hurry up and save money and come home!

Oh and primary kids are soooo funny! I would have been laughing the whole time too! One time I had to teach my brother's class and there's this one naughty kid who's so cute you can't help but laugh at his antics. So I was passing by his house one day because I was walking my dog and he asked me what I was doing. So I told him I'm walking my dog. And he said, "Why?" and I said, "Because we both need to get some exercise." And then he said, "Oh. Maybe you should run then." And I just started laughing. I couldn't be offended by that. hahahaha.

Caryn said...

I LOVE your baking!! Happy Birthday to Poata. Vaughn somehow gets that special treatment everywhere we go, too. What's up with that? haha. At least we are married them so we end up getting the good treatment too. ;)

ashlyn said...

I loooove the cake and cupcakes!! I was tempted to make one for my dad for Father's Day but didn't really wanna give him an "experimental" cake, y'know? I gotta try one of your recipes. All your cakes look uh-maze-ing.

And your primary kids were TOO FUNNY!! Kids say (and do) the darnest things.

Keep up with the awesome posts!

Crystal said...

okay, that cake is to DIE for. it looks amazing!!!! how the heck did u do that? i wish i had a talent like that!!!

and yay for june birthdays!!! i have a june birthday too!!! :) the 2nd.

and your primary class is hilarious!!! that is sooooo funny! keep sharing these quotes from ur class!! gotta love it! :)