Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day, A Success!

Yeah these are cupcakes!!! Spaghetti and meatball cupcakes! I made them for Donnie for fathers day and he loved them!
We had a great Father's Day today, man June is just the month for Poata! Lucky guy! Friday we had our ward's Samoan class Father's Day party to go to and of course I was in charge of bringing cupcakes, not dessert, cupcakes specifically. It was a super fun party. The food was great and there was this amazing coconut pineapple juice with little pineapple bits in it. I asked Poata if he knows how to make it and he said yes so I yelled at him for not making it for me any of the 5 years we have been together! But anyways Luka had a blast dancing the night away and running away from us to get to the stage and the speakers. Yesterday we went kayaking at waimea bay. Today we woke up and gave Poata his gift then my mom and Donnie (stepdad) and Savanna (sissy) came over for breakfast and I made homemade french toast and it was delish! Then everyone went home and our little family took a big fat nap! Then Poata's cousin and his wife and their baby boy came over, that was the first time Luka has met them! The last time we saw them was when I was about to pop with that little guy. After playing for a while they had to head back home and we got ready to go to the movies. My mom, donnie, sav and Jai (brother) all met at our house and we headed up to Millilani and ate some sushi for dinner and then saw Iron Man 2 and loved it. We just got home and after this quick little blog post I am calling it quits! But first I will show you some pictures... which may take the rest of my life to post considering my blogger takes a lifetime to upload pictures for some lame reason! Oh yeah and this morning I took pictures of the cupcakes I made for Donnie and for Poata and then I forgot my camera in our dining room for the rest of the day so yeah, I'm just as lame as blogger's picture uploading skills and all I have to show is the cupcakes I made for the dads here and some of the party we went to on Friday.


Kami said...

Yah, blogger can be lame when it comes to uploading pictures but you're cupcakes and creative baking skills are far from lame :D Sounds like you all had a way busy Father's Day and I bet your husband had a blast.

I love your spaghetti cupcake creation, it's so creative! I've never seen something like that before, amazing!

darah. said...

I LOVE the spaghetti cupcakes is so cute. You should seriously start making like a McDonald's theme cupcake (super random, I'm just thinking about McDonald's right now.)

Is the drink called, "otai?" I know a lot of my samoan and tongan friends make it and some put pineapple or watermelon chunks in it. I used to help my friends make it when I went to BYU-Idaho.

And yes, I totally agree with you and Kam, I thought it was my computer, but blogger takes forever to upload pics!

Crystal said...

wow look at you! arent you just the greatest baker!! i wish i had those cupcake skills!!! poata is a lucky man!!! good job!!! they look so delicious!!

Kami said...

Hey, where is Brisha? Lol! Haven't seen you by my blog in a while :-( but mostly I haven't seen any cutie pictures of Luka Boy. Hopefully soon:-D

Again, I love that spaghetti creation, so darn creative.
I can make that pineapple drink (otai) but I don't know the samoan name for it. Mmmmm....