Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Luka is ONE!!!! Brace yourself for a million pictures!!

 Pinata time!
Happy parents!!
Construction cupcakes that I made.
The cake I made!! My first tier cake!
We all had matching t-shirts!
more shots of my cake.
We played "Pin the hard hat on the foreman" instead of pin the tail on the donkey.
There was a "construction zone" for the kids to play at.
A couple of my friends made him mini t-leaf leis! They were sooo cute!!
singing happy birthday!
cutting the cake
Luka's first cupcake!! Happy Birthday! He loved it!
Luka playing in his pool and loving it!!
all of his presents!!! And I got to open them =)


Crystal said...

wow!!! what a fun birthday party!! u are so creative!! i LOVE EVERYTHING!! luka is lucky to have such a creative and hard working mom!!

Kerri said...

Oh. My. Gosh! Are you kidding me? You made shirts, that is so cute. I loved the cake, so fun. I can't believe with all the baking you do Luka hadn't had a cupcake yet, that's incredible. The party looked amazing.

p.s. my cupcakes didn't turn out, i walmart and local grocery store didn't have any of the stuff you said to get. bummer. maybe another time.

Kami said...

I love it ALL! I was even excited when you showed me everything a few months before and I knew it was going to turn out awesome! Yay for Luka, wow, what an awesome 1st birthday party seriously! Go Mommy!