Monday, July 12, 2010

The Fourth!

So I know it is now the 12th of July and that I took a really long time to write this post but I lost my cord that connects my camera to the computer to upload pictures and I still haven't found it but luckily my mom has a cannon too and they use the same cord so I can finally put up a new post on this blog as well as my baking blog. We had a super good fourth of July weekend! Friends and family came over and we barbecued and played in the kiddie pool and kayaked and then we headed over to Turtle Bay Resort because they have an annual celebration. It was pure awesomeness! Kapena played which happens to be one of Poata, Luka and I's favs! And Luka was a crack up!! The minute we got there and set him down on the grass he started dancing and clapping. It was beyond cute! Even Kapena said something in the middle of his song like "yeah, you go little braddah," haha I think that's what he said. Anyways, we had a blast!


Kami said...

Yay for a new post! Peter and I just watched the video and we both cracked up! Luka was so cute and yah, 'you go little braddah', ahhh adorable! Hi Cutie Luka!

Crystal said...

cute pics and cute video!! glad u found a cord to use. hehe!

Le Mama! said...

we were there too!