Monday, September 20, 2010

day in the life of a 24 year old!

I'm 24! I had such an amazing birthday this year! I got everything I asked for and more! And being the princess that I am, I asked for a lot! The day started out with sleeping in, courtesy of daddy Poata taking Luka on a bike ride. Then I was told to get ready, for what I had no idea, so I put on a cute dress and sandals. I figured a typical surprise would be a mani/ pedi or my hair done. Poata came back from getting me my favorite smoothie and vegan granola bar from Waialua Bakery and saw I was wearing a dress and said "Ummm, You CAN'T wear that, put some jeans on." Jeans? To get my hair done? Whatever. So I put some jeans on. We first  stopped to pick up my custom made sunrise shell pendant that Poata got me. Then we continued on our journey and ended up at HORSE STABLES! I was going on my first horseback riding adventure! I've been wanting to do this for a while! I've never been on a horse before! Two years ago on my birthday I wanted to go horseback riding but Poata and I were trying to conceive and we weren't sure if I was in the early stages of pregnancy or not and Poata didn't want to risk anything with me horseback riding so we couldn't go, then last year I had a one month old so it wasn't really possible then either. Then this year... sigh =)... It was amazing! Anyways, after we rode our horses on the beach along the north shore we went home and got ready for dinner in town with my family. We went to the Cheesecake Factory, as usual for my birthday. I don't know why I love that place so much, but I do! I think it might be the avocado egg rolls? At dinner I got another present, a canon camera that I've been dying for! It's super tiny and 14 mega pixels and it's all black, even the lens. It's so cute! And takes really great pictures! I'm so stoked! After dinner we headed to my brother's house where I got to open another of my presents, my pink beach cruiser! Then we drove over to my cousin Rama's house and she had beautiful cupcakes for me and they sang happy birthday to me. She has the most amazing view of Waikiki strip from her apartment! We then headed home and I was beat! I had such a good birthday!! Luka was a really good boy the whole day for me too!


amynicole said...

your birthday looked and sounded like so much fun! you are one lucky girl! you rocked it on gifts and a stupendous day! Happy birthday pretty friend!

Caryn said...

Glad you had such an amazing birthday. You definitely deserve to be treated like a princess =)