Monday, September 20, 2010

waves and rain

Today the waves were big, are big still. I can hear them crashing as I type this, I can also hear rain drops falling on the leaves outside of my window. This makes me happy! Super happy! Not only because I love the beautiful noise, it drowns the noise of any car passing by. But also because in Hawaii when the waves get big that means it's winter, and winter means holidays! And I love holidays! Winter also means fun! Fun contests, surf night, Christmas parties, dressing up, foooood, family and yeah all that good stuff! Tonight's mood: excited! I am going to go to sleep listening to the waves, and the rain and I am going to dream of sugar plums, well not really because I don't even know what sugar plums are but how about I will dream of what I'm going to ask for, for Christmas! Sounds good! Good night. Oh yeah, but what I'm not so excited about right now is that Luka is sick. Sad! He has a cough. But at least he is extra cuddly! Ok, good night.


Kerri said...

I love that winter means something so very different to you in Hawaii. I love this post. The big waves and surf contests... I miss those. I don't know what sugar plums are either, but I'm super glad you FINALLY posted again!

p.s. happy birthday. that camera sounds amazing.

amynicole said...

iiiii know! as soon as i saw the swell coming in i got so excited! it just felt like we finally changed seasons! i looooove that beautiful crashing sound! it's been so joyous! we need to hang out!

Gillion said...

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