Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saturday/ Sunday

So yesterday was fun, Poata and I went to eat at asagios, our fav, and it was soo good! Poata got the special which wa moon fish and shrimp with a lobster sauce and he loved it and i got my usual rigatoni ala ricotta. then we saw the new narnia movie! It was good but a little childish but good! and then of coarse we did the wal mart run... We were supposed to go to waimanalo beach because we have been wanting to go there for a while now but it was pretty busy at work so i didnt get off as early as i wanted to but next week I already got my shift covered! Poata has another rugby game next week but we might just blow it off and go to waimanalo beach all day =) I cant wait! Not that I dont love the north shore but in the 19 years that Ive lived in Hawaii I have NEVER been to waimanalo beach and its sooo beautiful so I cant wait another year =) but anyways its sunday now and i'm positive that its at least 1050 degrees! seriously it is hotter than i can ever remember! I'm about to die! We just got home from church and our house feels like a sauna! I wanted to lay out in my yard but I think I would seriously just pass out and die on my towel so I'm staying inside with the fan full blast on my face until it cools off! but heres some pics from yesterday, the scenic is to show how bad the VOG was! I could barely see the mountains!


Ceejera said...

cute pic of you 2! sounds like another fun day for you guys. yeah, the vog was so gross. i'm glad the winds came and blew it away today. man, it must be way hotter at your place cause it was a normal temp. over here.

and just so you know, i didn't take that vog picture with my camera. i found that one on google. :)