Monday, May 19, 2008

Beach Day!

We went to sunset beach and it was so fun! It was a million degrees and the only thing we could think of was jumping in the water, it was super beautiful, pretty flat and really sunny so we went for it. And here are the results...
After the beach we stopped at foodland and got ben and jerry's creme brulee ice cream...omg! sooo good!!!
And the sunset was amazing! I had to pull over at waimea because it was crazy, these pictures don't do it justice... It was way pinker and it looked like a flaming fushia ball of fire! so nice!


Ceejera said...

FUN FUN FUN! i am always jealous of your beach come poata is all wet and you are perfectly dry?? what kind of waterproof skin do YOU have?

p.s. i tried that creme brulee ice cream at someone's house and it almost tasted like vanilla to me. good but vanilla-y.