Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So at work today I waited on a party of 40 military war veterans... super gnarly!! They were really young, they looked a little older than me and most of them were missing at least one leg and had burns on their faces and they seemed to be stoked to be at our restaurant but you could tell they were depressed, it was sad! But their meals were all free and before they came to our restaurant they all got free surf lessons from brian syruat's surf school so that was cool. Well after that Poata and I went across the street from our house to the beach with some friends who were fishing and I saved some fishes and then we watched the sunset it was fun... Then I made the best tofu ever! And now I'm on here updating but I'm going to bed now so goodnight. Oh and heres a pic of Poata in front of tonights sunset.


Ceejera said...

that sunset is beautiful...and it sounds like you had quite the busy day! i'm so jealous of all your beach time. i am looking out the glass window at work right now and it is KILLING me cause it's so sunny and nice. :(

thanks for all the sweet comments you left me! i love that you have a blog now. and yes, i took those watermelon and rose pictures. thanks for the compliments, but i really can't take the credit. that camera is amazing and makes anything i do look really good.