Sunday, November 22, 2009


The previously mentioned conference was amazing!! Although the Prophet was unable to be there in person with us due to his wife's injury his talk that was broadcasted was so eloquent and meaningful. Every speaker had such an amazing message. Sister McCaunkey's (spelling??) testimony was awesome, she talked about how an experience when she was 6 years old and couldn't find her witches mask for Halloween strengthened her testimony because she remembers praying for it to Heavenly Father then opening a drawer and it being the first thing in the drawer. It's just amazing how little things like that can create a testimony! Elder Tom Perry's talk had to be my favorite though! He was just so enthusiastic about everything he said that it made it so enjoyable to listen to! Anyways here are some pictures of Luka in his cute new church outfit and then a couple random ones like him playing with his new walker.


Kerri said...

bummer the prophet couldn't come, but it does sounds like a good conference. how cool. luka is adorable, that jeep walker looks amazing, can i have a turn?

Kami said...

it must been of been so awesome to hear those talks, wish they had copies of them luka is so chubby and i adore his little church outfit, love it! but he looks a bit too big for that infant carseat deary, looks like he needs a BIG upgrade to the toddler size carseatz, lol! wut a cutie!...oh peter says hi and he thinks luka is one chubby guy!