Sunday, November 1, 2009

October 2009 pictures

Our life in the month of October...
I will post a separate Halloween section =)

I got this idea from Kalei and Drew... It is hard to get things done with a baby attached to your hip so to do laundry I just throw Luka in the basket with the clothes and bring him out to the washer/dryer with me lol. He thinks it's pretty fun.
Getting ready for church... this was the first of three outfits we had to put on him he kept burping up over all of them right after we put them on. lol.

At foodfest with dad

Luka with Daddy and some random sumo wrestler at the byuh foodfest.
Stink eye baby
On our way to see our friend Kerry and her newborn baby girl Alex at the hospital.
Me and Luka and Kerry and Alex
Poata and Luka and Dave and his new baby girl Alex
Silly Luka getting ready for bed.
Luka and daddy have matching ie's on.
Luka cracking up at me.

Luka fell asleep at pizza bob's while we had dinner.


Cierra said...

oh my GOSH he is getting chubby and i LOVE it! i loooove baby rolls! and he totally has your big beautiful smile, brisha! what a lucky boy...

Crystal said...

sooooo cute!! can't believe you have a baby!! can't believe everyone has a baby....can't believe were gonna have a baby. lol!