Friday, November 20, 2009

I am Thankful For My Mother!

My mommy flew in today to visit her little Luka and we went straight to the mall! SOOO FUN! She bought her little grandchild everything he needed and more! She bought him a security blanket that he can't stop slobbering over and a jeep walker that has mirrors that spin around and a little steering wheel, his room is jungle themed so we figured a jeep would fit right in like he was going on a safari or something. We also got him pretty much an entire wardrobe of adorable clothes! He also got a handful of teething toys because I think those pearly whites are making their way out. And his aunty Savanna picked out the cutest rocking pony for him which he really loves! He needs a little help staying on it on his own but he has the biggest smile when we rock him. He also got a couple books and a pair of Kanye West style sunglasses and a Volcom hat just like his daddy's. Luka is one spoiled little baby for sure!!! And next week Luka's other grandma is coming to visit from Samoa so I'm sure there is more spoiling his way! I am thankful for mommy;s and grandma's today!


Kerri said...

wow, does she want to come visit Kaci?

Kami said...

mommies are the best! tell your mom, my doors are ALWAYS open for her (wink wink), haha!

Kami said...

sorry deary, can we get your address? we're gonna be sending out our yearly christmas newsletters soon. thanks!