Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A day in the life of a 3 month old

Poata and Luka with Gabe and Koa (Priscilla's husband and son) at our friend Sheena's baby twin boys first birthday party.
Luka's crazy friend Koali'i

Poata is trying to make Luka a gangster so this is Luka's new bib.

Hanging out with his dad.
Luka getting ready for church.

Luka is 3 months old now! He is EIGHTEEN POUNDS!! And he is the cutest little boy in the world! He is really smiley and laughs a lot now. He loves when his dad comes home from work to play with him. He also loves school, (we have pretend school everyday for an hour and he has to learn his abc's and numbers and colors) he is really attentive the whole time and loves the abc song. He loves going on walks with me, we used to walk to waimea every morning but now we walk to alligators and I know this sounds corny but it is magical! We see sooo many sea turtles, even baby ones, and huge red and black crabs and little fish in the shore. We walk in the water to get our feet wet and we walk along the beach as far as we can until there are too many rocks. It is by far my favorite part of the day! Here are some recent pictures of Luka.


Kerri said...

I love the bandanna for a bib. Your walks do sounds magical and if I hadn't lived in HI I'd think it was corny, but since I have and now miss it I think magical is perfect!

Is he really 18 pounds. Kaci didn't reach that until she was a year old. Wow!

Kami said...

Oh my, he's already 18 pounds? What a chubby chunkalunk! Haha, he's so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so cute! I wanna squeeze his chubby cheeks, haha! So CUTE!